“I could say I’ll never forget Julia because I got up in my first handstand in her class! But my experience with her is definitely more expansive. Her yoga classes are creative… unlike many teachers, she varies her sequences from class to class which I love. Her approach is a perfect blend of “standard” poses and variations, intensity combined with softness, and movement with stillness. Be prepared for a full mind/body/spirit experience when you practice yoga with Julia.”

– Deborah

“My first ever yoga class with baby in tow was with Julia in Central Park — what a warm, relaxed, community building experience she managed to create using just a small area of lawn and a few blankets. Julia’s wise, thoughtful aura is what makes her yoga classes so wonderful. I still remember some of the gentle, supportive things she said and did that day which helped me and my daughter feel so welcome and explore ways to stretch, connect and relax our bodies and minds together.”

– Faye

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the many yoga classes I’ve taken with Julia. Her calm, patient manner is restorative. My yoga practice is ever-evolving. She helps me get in touch with my breath and “put my body back together again” through yoga. She is encouraging but not demanding. I also wish I had had her as a doula when I gave birth!”

– Anne

“Julia elevated my first pregnancy experience. She is a great yoga teacher as it is, and beyond that, in prenatal she integrated the physical and emotional relevance of my growing baby inside my womb by calling attention to the sensations inside my body and always checking in with where my body was in each class.”

– Ariel

“Julia was my amazing pre and post-natal yoga teacher. I first found her class at 28 weeks gestation. I loved her classes from the start. Leaving these classes I felt better prepared for my day, my labor and being …a mom. Her parent/baby classes after the birth of my son were the highlights of our weeks through the long winter. I can’t imagine being a new mom without the support and community of Julia’s classes.

Most importantly Julia has a kind and loving spirit. She somehow knew exactly how to guide me to places I didn’t know I could go. She helped me to find my own inner strength and led me toward a stronger
and more thoughtful yoga practice. Her teaching was so inspiring that a year and a half later I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Through the ups and downs of the intense teacher training Julia made
time to speak with me and encouraged me again find my own inner strength to get past some difficult hurdles.

In my second pregnancy Julia has helped me to make many decisions about my birth. She is very informed on home birthing as well as hospital birthing. In our talks there was never any judgement about what she thought I should choose. She simply talked about the birthing process, recommended books and articles to read and again, helped to empower me to make the best choices for me and my family. Just two weeks ago I called Julia for guidance. I was very unhappy with my provider and felt strongly that I wanted to switch, at 30 weeks! Again, her counsel and information was very important to my decision making process. I am so happy to say that I am now at a wonderful birthing center (with amazing midwives) getting the exact care I want and I am so excited about this birth. As I am not in the NYC area Julia has recommended a doula in my area and she is fantastic! I really have to give credit Julia for giving me informed, professional guidance in my quest for the right birth for me.”

– Dawn