“Aside from being able to meet Jarvis, you were the best thing about my birth experience. You were absolutely wonderful and I will always be grateful for your gentle, knowledgeable, fun (yes, fun!) and encouraging presence. You will always hold a special place in my heart and Jarvis is a lucky boy to have had you attend his arrival. And I absolutely love reading your blog posts. Every time you put one up, I savor it. I always appreciate your perspective and hope you will continue to put more of your writing up for your readers. Your reading suggestions are great too!”

– Raechel

“Two years out, I feel so–at peace with my birth experience, proud and happy about the way things went. I think it’s worth noting that every birth story I’ve read since then that started like mine ended in a cesarean. I am very happy that mine ended the way it did, and I really think that you were a huge part of what got us there. I tell everyone who asks that they should strongly consider a doula, and that ours really helped us in some huge ways, but in a lot of small ways as well.”

– Caitlin

“We called Julia immediately when our induction took quicker effect than anyone imagined and she came quickly even though she was about to teach a yoga class. During the time before she came I was very overwhelmed by the pain and did not think I would be able to continue without the epidural. When Julia arrived she brought an immediate calm to the situation. She positioned herself behind me to open my hips during contractions and reminded me to breathe using my lowest register. We quickly established a ritual with my husband massaging acupressure points on my hands in front of me while Julia remained behind me encouraging me and making sure I stayed hydrated. My labor progressed quickly. With coaching from Julia and my doctor I was able to deliver in 15minutes. I was very concerned that I would not be able to deliver naturally on Pitocin but with Julia’s presence I was able to achieve my goal of a natural birth. I truly believe I would not have been able to reach this goal without her.”

– Dina

“Elana and I wanted to send you our deepest thanks for your help in our birth. First, we are so grateful for your help exploring the home birthing option, which led to three of the most intimate, exhausting, and self-discovering days of our lives. During the hours upon hours of surges, you helped Elana and me maintain and regain our focus, motivation, rest, and comfort. With your ability to soothe and guide Elana, I was able to maintain my physical and mental energy. I also learned from your positive messaging and your ability to reframe difficult experiences in helpful ways. Also, thank you for your tremendous advocacy for us – vis a vis the hospital, our family, and even ourselves – both at home and in the hospital. There were so many elements to your role, it’s difficult to recount them all. As you said when we first met with you at Whole Foods, we weren’t totally clear what we needed a doula for before the birth, but afterward we can’t imagine not having had one. We are so glad that you were ours.”

– Adam

“After interviewing several doulas to assist me during labor/delivery the decision to use Julia was an easy one. During our initial meeting, I quickly felt very comfortable with Julia’s demeanor and her knowledge about childbirth. I give a lot of credit -if not all- to Julia for guiding me through the process of labor in a way that was in line with my personal birth preferences. She was amazingly calm, patient, and supportive to both my husband and myself.”

– Melissa

“I have so enjoyed your support throughout my first year+ of motherhood. My 15 month-old baby just climbed onto the potty on her own yesterday and we were so excited! We never would have known about Elimination Communication without your post-partum visit with Bina. Thanks again!”

– Edya

“Julia was my amazing pre and post-natal yoga teacher. I first found her class at 28 weeks gestation. I loved her classes from the start. Leaving these classes I felt better prepared for my day, my labor and being …a mom. Her parent/baby classes after the birth of my son were the highlights of our weeks through the long winter. I can’t imagine being a new mom without the support and community of Julia’s classes. Most importantly Julia has a kind and loving spirit. She somehow knew exactly how to guide me to places I didn’t know I could go. She helped me to find my own inner strength and lead me toward a stronger and more thoughtful yoga practice.”

– Gia

“I would really like to thank you for attending my birth and being there for me. You were extremely helpful.”

– Rivka

“We decided to use a doula to take away the stresses that we thought we may encounter during our birthing. We met with Julia and we immediately knew we had done the right thing. Julia made us feel comfortable and confident in knowing we could have the experience we wanted.”She offered advice and listened to all of our concerns and ambitions. She was available whenever we needed her and stayed with us throughout, remembering all of the things we had spoken about – the things that were important to us and made reminding us of these a priority. She took the stress away as we had hoped and helped make it an unforgettable experience.
– Louis

“Thank you Julia. The birth photos are just wonderful…kind of magical. We had fun looking at them this morning.”

– Lisa

“Thank you Julia for a positive birth experience — I didn’t know it was possible!
Julia offered much more than I… had expected. In addition to the actual birth there were the pre-birth meetings/emails/phone calls as well as the post-birth meetings/emails/phone calls. Plus, the other day I was wearing my baby and was complimented as to my fine wrapping skills (“no one ever wraps properly anymore,” i was told) — I attributed that to Julia and they were like, “ah, of course.”
After preparing for the birth of our daughter with Julia, I really internalized the idea that much of the pain and trauma of childbirth is connected to fear. Did these contractions kill? Yes. But I wasn’t scared; I had strong support around me and so I kept my cool (sorta) and had a relatively calm birth.”

– Sarah

“I can’t imagine delivering without you.THANKS, JULIA. I’m so lucky to have found you.”

– Artemis

“Julia is an amazing doula and person. She made such a difference in our birth experience and provided the extra strength needed for first time parents to be. Julia’s support gave us the confidence to approach our daughter’s birth not with anxiety but with joy and excitement. We had so many questions initially and during the process which she always answered quickly and confidently. Her warm, caring nature always kept us at ease and truly allowed us to enjoy our daughter’s birth.”

– Annmarie