#10 use night lights (or dimmers) – one in your room with the baby, one in bathroom keeping low light in the middle of the night helps everyone get back to sleep

#9 hang your “to do” list in a visible spot for guests

#8 use slip-on shoes to help get out of the house in the beginning

#7 pat DRY your baby’s bottom with a washcloth between diaper changes, moisture can create diaper rash

#6 use ordinary household items instead of buying all things marketed to new parents

#5 the “5 S’s” for calming your infant – happiestbaby.html (although lay off the swaddling during breastfeeding!)

#4 go to bed early!! 7 or 8 pm people, not regular early, unbelievably early

#3 hold/wear your baby close and hardly let them cry (at least not on purpose)
give them what they need, and they will make your life easier

#2 breastfeed on cue, which is short and frequent feeds – Here’s a whole other “tipsy” post to help you with breastfeeding.

#1 HIRE A DOULA! an easier birth leads to an easier postpartum

adapted from Doula Juliaʼs “tips/stuff for new parents”
email for full recommendations
email or call for birth or postpartum support – 917.216.1991

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