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A NYC-based Childbirth Consultant, speaker, and doula trained by DONA International, Lamaze certified, multidisciplinary Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, yoga instructor, and mom, I offer practical, down-to-earth counseling, coaching, education, and bodywork for pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. I am skilled in acupressure, massage, babycare, photography, music curating, herbal preparations, organization and creative design, and facilitating both secular and Jewish ritual at lifecycle events. I have supported a good thousand+ new families through my classes and support groups, and have attended hundreds of births at homes and all major birth facilities around NYC. I have hosted new mother circles, and workshops in babywearing, holistic newborn care, breastfeeding, and yoga for birth. I was an educator at Mt.Sinai Hospital, served as Marketing Director for “The Birth Survey,” and was an Ambassador for Choices In Childbirth.

I help families motivated to have the births of their dreams make smart choices in their birth planning, reduce the need for cesareans, and be supported beyond measure throughout their labor, leaving women with the greatest agency over their own bodies, and strengthening their trust and instincts for parenthood.

I am a native New Yorker who has traveled and/or lived in Israel, Morocco, Australia, Europe, Argentina, Japan, Mexico, and more. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Vassar College and worked in the music business for many years. But it was close to home where I answered the call to serve budding families in NYC.

I am a trained Midwife Assistant, and have completed continuing education in women’s endocrinology and fertility, optimal fetal positioning, hypnobirthing, nonviolent communication, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Thai yoga massage, increasing abdominal strength and pelvic stability postpartum, Herbal belly wrapping, nurturing families through perinatal loss, and risk reduction for medically necessary cesareans. I became a mother myself after working for years in this field, and laughingly learned how the actual experience connects to the theoretical.

I also am blessed to have had two natural births that I LOVED, one that took 3 days and the other that took 3 hours! I grew up with the same “birth is scary and weird and gross” message that many of you did – but I transcended that view and can help you do it too.

I understand that everyone has their own expectations regarding birth – I help families make informed decisions and support their goals. I want this service to feel amazing, and in some ways mundane – in that you’ve learned to see it as obvious that you can do this, no more surprising than you expect your baby to grow fingernails and eyelashes just at the right moment. I help this feel less like a procedure and more like the rite of passage that it is. “They” are right – Birth IS scary and weird… AND messy and wild beautiful and one of the most hugely transformative parts of the human experience.